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When I came to sign on I realized that I had forgotten my password. When I finally got through i checked to see my last post and was surprised to see that I haven't posted since Rome, which feels like an eternity ago. So much has changed, yet so little.

I feel so useless these days. I have no real job and no real purpose (besides school). This is the first time I've felt this way since I was 18. Its very liberating yet scary at the same time. I'm planning on living off student loans for the next six months. Crazy, yet worth sparing myself from insanity.

I'm not staying in Vineland, or New Jersey or the United States.

I'm going back to the UK. I know it may sound insane, but I've never felt so comfortable somewhere in my life.

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Rome is amazing. St. Peters Bassilica was the most breathtaking sight of my life. We waited in a line to go up to the cupola. It was well worth a view down in to the massive cathedral. I have no words to describe it. The food is great here too. Weve been eating non stop. On my way to Venice in the AM.


Amanda & Colleen came to see me in London and the time flew by. I ran them around London, I think I made them more exhausted than anything else, but they saw a lot of sights. I just dropped them off at the train station and now I've been catching up on e-mail and checking flight information.

In 4 hours I'll be on my way to Rome. Its exciting, but I'm beginning to feel drained! Tomorrow I'm going to Vatican City, then after that who knows. All I know is that I have to be in Venice by Tuesday. Running tour of Northern Italy.


Its official. I am going to Rome & Venice and anywhere in between. The new place we live is incredible. We have this huge deck that overlooks the area. Ashley & I really lucked out. This weekend has flown by. Friday I went to the Sachti Gallery. It is all off the wall modern art. Some of it was disturbing, but it was still cool to see. Then a couple of us went to Madame Tussauds wax museum. I can't wait to upload the pictures they are hysterical. I finally made it to Abbey Road. It was not as exciting as I'd expected, but it was still cool to be there. We walked across the cross walk & took pictures. Today is the Notting Hill carnival. We are supposed to leave soon, but who knows. Getting anywhere in the group is always a struggle.

I have a ton of school work to finish tomorrow. I'm VERY excited about Italy. I'm shocked that I actually booked it. You only live once.


Any club that plays the Talking Heads & the Cars is alright with me!!!!!

We went to a cool club tonight. It was all Eighties music. The people in the club even danced like they were from the eighties.

Winding Down

The last few weeks have flown by. I've been so busy with school, and sightseeing and friends that I've barely had anytime to breath. Saturday I went to Hampton Court Palace. Henry VIII lived here with a couple of his wives. The Palace was HUGE. I spent about (4) hours just walking around different areas of it. Sunday I went to Hyde Park and fed the squirrels,. I can't wait to upload the pics. The squirrels, come right up to you and take peanuts from your hand. I even saw a couple jump onto peoples laps. Today we took a day trip to Birmingham for my Marketing class. We toured the "Architectural marvel" Selfridge's department store.

Today & Everyday

Not sure when the last time I posted was. As the time goes by it seems increasingly harder for me to jump on and write. Dublin was a definate let down. It wasn't the area as much as the company. Everyone was bickering with each other which sucked, but I kissed the Blarney stone, so now my words should be eloquent.

This weekend is kind of low key. Everyone is in Paris, which is nice since everything here is quiet. It will be even quieter when the Italians leave, but its bittersweet, since the Italian director & I have become friends. The millionaire is in Morocco till Tuesday, so I can't even rely on him taking me out. Thats ok, I like being on my own better.

We have been drinking since about nine. We were on our way out the door, when our other friend walked in & now we are killing time to wait for her. So my pre-gaming is lost on another merry post.

I've seen alot of London, but I haven't written about it. So much of me wants to remember everything as it is, without documentation. These (2) months are the most surreal experience of my life. Its like some alternate universe. I guess ultimately thats how my life has felt for the past year. Surreal. In the least I'm going back with a group of Drexel friends. This feels good considering before this trip I barely knew anyone at school.

So enough of my incredibly boring posting. I'm off to another exciting night in London. Who knows what will happen. All I know is that its always amazing.


Greetings from Ireland! Its Sunday night & we have to get up in about 4 hours to catch our flight back to London. Dublin was interesting, but I must say it was not what I expected. We arrived Friday & picked up our rental car. Since I am the oldest of us all I was the only one who could rent & since Im the only one who can drive stick, I was the only one to drive. Let me just brag here a little bit......I drove on the left hand side of the road, with a car thats right hand drive, with a left side stick. I rock. I drove for about 12 hours yesterday, but I didn't mind because it was kick ass. Plus we got to go to Blarney Castle & kiss the Blarney stone & we drove the whole east coast of Ireland, which was incredible.

Dublin was a slight letdown. The U2 bar is no longer open. There was barely any U2 stuff. The only club we went to was kinda lame. The Guinness tour is a rip off.

the upsides: The EURO exchange rate is AWESOME = Nearly everyone I know is getting a souvenir from Ireland & not London!